PARAMOUNT MEDIA GROUP, INC. provides advertisers and marketers with a wide array of billboard advertising displays located primarily on Chicago's expressways. Our business philosophy is simple:

Rather than amass the most billboards in the marketplace, Paramount has strategically developed only the "Best of the Best" brand building, high impact displays, utilizing our "Key Location Strategy" to position our advertiser's message where it will reach the largest audience 24-7-365. We welcome and appreciate the opportunity to compliment your next advertising campaign.


Paramount Media Group has strategic locations fo fit your needs and get your word out all over Chicagoland.  Click the map to the right to enlarge it and see the locations yourself.  For more details on individual displays, click "Display Inventory" from the menu above, and click on the individual icons for the respective details.  With Paramount Media Group's "Key Location Strategy" and personal touch, we are certain we can tailor a custom advertising campaign for you, or even compliment your existing advertising campaign in the Chicago Mass Media Market!